Basal Dental Implants in Gurgaon

Immediate teeth replacement with Basal implants by expert implant Surgeon in Gurgaon at Sparkle Dental Clinic India.

Dental implants are gaining lot of popularity and preference in replacement of missing tooth/teeth in India recently. It is widely accepted that dental implant serves as best near to natural tooth replacement with almost 98% success rate and longer durability.

Basal Implants has further revolutionized the pace of implant dentistry. Now our patients can have implants with permanent teeth in only 3 days.

What are basal implants?

Basal Dental Implants in Gurgaon India
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Immediate Dental Implants in 3 days in India
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Basal implants are also known as cortical or orthopedic dental implants. Basal implants take advantage and support of hard cortical bones of the facial structure. These implants are more sturdy, stable and can be loaded immediately, that means patients can have dental crown over implants within 48 hours.

Fixed permanent teeth in 3 Days with Implants in India
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How basal implants differ from conventional implants?

Immediate loading dental implants in India

Basic difference in between conventional dental implants and basal implants is getting support during insertion. Conventional implants take support from jaw bone which is relatively not very dense, whereas basal implants take support of basal cortical bone of the facial structure which in hard and sturdy.

Who can get benefited by basal implantology?

Patients looking for immediate implant and teeth placement get benefited by cortical implantology.

Also certain patients having difficulty in placement of conventional implants due to:

1) Sever bone deformity- conventional implant require strong jaw bone to be placed. patients having poor bone quality in jaws need to get bone grafting or sinus lift surgery to be performed first to place conventional implants. Delaying the placement of crowns nearly from 4 to 8 months.and multiple surgeries and dental office visits. Such patients can get immediate basal dental implants and permanent teeth in 3 days as basal implants can be immediately stable with support from facial cortical bones.

2) Periodontal disease and Heavy smokers- severe gum problems due to periodontal disease and heavy smoking poses problems in healing of conventional implants due to high infection susceptibility. Conventional implant failures are seen in these cases. These patients can have immediate loading basal dental implants without any hassles.

3) Medically compromised patients- Patients having high blood pressure, cardiac surgeries, and diabetes pose difficulty in healing of conventional implants and takes nearly 4-6 months time to be stable. Basal implants are best in such medically compromised patients as these heal safely and can be loaded immediately. Even patients taking blood thinning medicines like Ecosprin are advised not to stop medication as the placement of basal implants is almost bloodless.

Teeth Implants in a day – is it possible?

Yes in some cases we provide with facility of immediate placement of implants after removing teeth and permanent teeth are fixed in a same day.

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