Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Gurgaon, Delhi, India.

Cosmetic dentistry Gurgaon by expert dentist to improve smile immediately without any pain and extensive procedures.

" Cosmetic dentistry provides quick and effective aesthetic and functional modification of teeth to improve smile". Immediate improvement is achieved in yellow and stained teeth, gaps in teeth, misaligned crooked teeth, gummy smile, decayed broken front teeth. Cosmetic dentistry consist of dental treatments that are quick, effective and painless. Our latest and painless cosmetic dentistry treatments, procedures can increase confidence by improving your smile.

Smile is integral part of you, very few are fortunate to have a wonderful bright smile. Cosmetic dentistry has various options to improve smile without pain in few dental office visits. So now, you can have a beautiful smile even if your teeth are crooked, stained, broken or misaligned. Cosmetic dentistry not only treats teeth to look good it helps to improve self-esteem and confidence. Cosmetic dentistry helps you to discover the newest person in you. Prashant’s Sparkle dental clinic in Gurgaon utilizes advance dental procedures to give you result oriented smile makeovers. Our cosmetic dentists in Gurgaon are specialized and passionate to make unmatched changes in your smile through utilizing most up-to-date technology, through artistic eye for the procedures and their aesthetic outcomes.

Teeth Whitening

( Bleaching )

Professional teeth whitening is achieved with application of hydrogen peroxide derivatives that is activated with high frequency UV lights. Teeth bleaching effectively gives 3-5 lighter shade of natural teeth.

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Dental Bonding

Cosmetic bonding (Dental Bonding) provides immediate fix for deformity in front teeth surfaces like fractures, spacing, stains, discoloration. Painless procedure can effectively modify smile within 1 hour dental visit. Effective for occasions like social gathering, marriages, and performances where you are short on time for lengthy dental sittings and multiple visits.

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Tooth Jewelry

Skyce Tooth Jewelry is a fashion now a days. A smile radiance is enhanced by fixing a artificial diamond over a tooth surface.

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Smile Without Braces

At Sparkle our best cosmetic dentists in India provides result oriented smile modifications with advance cosmetic dentistry. Unlike orthodontic braces treatment which requires lot of time and visits to dental office, cosmetic correction takes about 10-15 days for permanent complete modification of smile.

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Smile Designing & Makeovers

Prashant’s Sparkle dental clinic in Gurgaon is in forefront of latest cosmetic dentistry with expert dentists for natural smile enhancement procedures along with functional ability.

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Dental Veneers/ Laminates

Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are pasted over the tooth surface giving tooth a new look. Used to hide defects like – broken tooth, discolored tooth, space in teeth, rotated or twisted tooth, etc.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A complete mouth rehabilitation is needed when you have multiple teeth problems in a jaw. Over years the condition of major biting teeth had deteriorated, multiple missing teeth, fractured and decayed teeth, etc.

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