General Dentistry

General Dentistry in Gurgaon (Family Dentist)

General Dentistry in Gurgaon – Prashant’s Sparkle Dental Clinic – We are a complete family dentistry in India providing affordable dental care. Our team off dentists are always helpful in providing best dental care and excellence in all type of dental treatments.

Being a preferred General dentistry in Gurgaon, India we provide all dental care facilities under one roof at our highly equipped center. So, whatever you require, just a simple tooth filling or an extensive dental surgical procedure, we are always there to help.

Best Family Dentist in Gurgaon:

Dental Consultations

Dental consultations are important in diagnosis and treatment planning of your existing dental problems and preventive means to achieve oral health. We, at Prashant’s Sparkle dental clinic in Gurgaon provide no-obligation dental consultations. Our expert dentists in Gurgaon helps you with all options to your recent dental problems and chart out the dental treatment plan to get oral health for lifetime.

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Hygiene Treatments

Dental hygiene treatments or dental prophylaxis is the routine dental treatments need to maintain good oral health. We at Prashant’s Sparkle dental clinic in Gurgaon provides routine dental hygiene treatments ┬álike – scaling and polishing of teeth ( professional teeth cleaning), Gum treatments, etc.

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Sedation Dentistry

We provide facility for sedation dentistry for severe dental phobia patients in Gurgaon, India. Our expert dentists are trained to counsel special patients having mild to moderate dental fear (Phobia).

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